Fake geek boy

Today is a special day. Today is the combined packer- and binder première day.

I’ve been a bit giddy and really nervous to do this for the first time. But then I realized that it’s not my fault that passing as a guy is easier with some temporary body modifications. The whole deal is not very different from wearing a corset, high heels or a padded bra, which I’ve done countless times to try to pass as a femme female. (Not with much success, thou.)

The only reason why it is harder to start packing and binding is that lots of people have invested a lot in this binary gender system we all are caught in. Anyone rebelling against it must be shamed into obedience again or they might risk loosing their privileges, I guess.

Right now I’m on the tube on my way to a meeting and I haven’t noticed any weird looks from my co-passengers. I think it’s because I pass really well for the first time, and will be as long as I keep my mouth shut. (My voice is still an instant give-away.)

I’m slowly getting used to my new profile. I think I look awesome as long as I remember to wear my gear with pride. But I can’t help smiling at the fact that I’m such a fake geek boy. 🙂


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