A step in the right direction.

Finally got to renew my ID since I changed my name years ago. It feels a bit strange to only have it slightly better – it is till gendered wrong with “K/F” for female. I’ll have renew it again after I’ve changed my juridical gender, but that will probably take another year or two.


Looks like the asymmetric haircut have staid with me when everything else have changed.

The picture to the left was taken when I had just started my education to become a speech and language pathologist in early spring 2010. The new one was taken just the other day, almost five years later. I know that my appearance will change even more after I’ve started hormone treatment, but at the least the names are right now and the picture is more accurate.

From now on I don’t have to carry around that extra piece of paper, the certificate I had that verified my change of name to complement my old ID. And hopefully, I will not feel totally humiliated every time I have to show the new one.

/ E.

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