The first changes.

Day 2 on testosterone

PicsArt_1431616668116[1]Body: Lets go on an adventure! I’ve got so much energy! Let’s do some pull up’s!

Me: Sure, but why you smell so strange? I just had a shower.

Body: You don’t smell strange, just stronger. Manly, you know?

Me: Right. I guess I’ll just have to get used to it.

Body: And I’m sure you know why – remember how you got that cute plaster on your butt yesterday?

Me: *Cough* Eh.. *Voicecrack* Yes. *Cough*

Body: Excellent, then welcome to male puberty! Oh, I forgot to mention – your vocal cords are not under your control any more since they are under reconstruction right now. So your voice might be a bit unsteady until you manage to claim them back. It might take a while.

Me: Sorry, what were were you saying? I’m so hungry!

4 thoughts on “The first changes.

  1. Haha! Thanks for commenting!

    I was prepared for it to happen, but I had no idea onset would be immediate or how I would feel about it. It is the weirdest thing! It’s like I smell like someone else, sharper, perhaps a bit spicy. I’ll have to ask someone familiar with my scent for feedback. 😉

  2. A second puberty? THAT impresses me. You are a brave man, to do that once again. I’m so happy for you, mostly because you’re on the road of your own choice, but partly because at least you don’t have to do all the teenager-thing again.

  3. Hehe. We’ll have to smell eachother some time, to see if it is the same smell or if it varies. Well, ofcourse it varies for person to person, but it can be more or less similar I guess…
    I wish you luck with you changes. And find things to enjoy with the extra energyboost.

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