A taste of transphobia.

The other day I had rare but ugly close up meeting with transphobia that pissed me off seriously. I was at a reenachtment event when I was addressed as a “she” by someone I don’t know. I protested mildly and informed the person that I was a “he”, a guy. He laughed scornfully at that, insisting that I was a girl. When I denied this, he rolled his eyes and pointed to my head – “So, if I put on a funny hat like yours, I’ll be a lady!?”

“No” I answered coldly and gave him the evil eye. “I’m telling you the truth. This is not funny and not a topic for discussion”. He was now smearing, leaning forward a bit, intimidating me, physically invading my personal space. I was mad as hell.

He made me someone to make fun of. I could tell that this was one of those times when explanations are no good. He had made his point clear and I was on my own.┬áThere were other people around us, but nobody intervened or gave me any support. I could do nothing but pick up a fight or leave. I opted for the later, wishing I’ve have had other choices to make.

I know this is every day stuff to many transgenderd people out there, but I’ve NEVER been treated this way before and was surprised, angry and upset. The whole experience got the consequence that I felt a bit unsafe during the rest of the event. I could not remember the man’s face so I had to keep my guard up and I stayed close to my friends. Nothing else happened but I left the event with a little less trust in humanity than I had when I got there.