You know that you are a transgender guy when…

…Friends who are moving or arranging a party kindly wait for you to arrive to let you carry the really heavy stuff – in the pure purpose to help cultivate both your male ego, your back and biceps.

…You find yourself discussing different ways to do a mastectomy (breast removal) with no less than four different transgenderd people on a week flat, considering loss of sensitivity, re-positioning of the nipple and the risk for visible scars. (Amount of pain experienced or expected was never mentioned.)

…Tired cis-genderd guys follow you blindly into the changing room at the gym, looking at you rather than the sign on the door and therefore ending up in the ladies locker room. Embarrassment.

…Tired cis-genderd girls stop and blink in a mix of confusion and awkvardness when you meet them in the door to the ladies changing room at the gym, seemingly questioning which one of you who are not supposed to be there. Embarrassment.

…You feel awkward and embarrassed about NOT having a rolled up sock tucked down in your trousers, because you forgot to do your packing routine when dressing in the morning.