The first changes.

Day 2 on testosterone

PicsArt_1431616668116[1]Body: Lets go on an adventure! I’ve got so much energy! Let’s do some pull up’s!

Me: Sure, but why you smell so strange? I just had a shower.

Body: You don’t smell strange, just stronger. Manly, you know?

Me: Right. I guess I’ll just have to get used to it.

Body: And I’m sure you know why – remember how you got that cute plaster on your butt yesterday?

Me: *Cough* Eh.. *Voicecrack* Yes. *Cough*

Body: Excellent, then welcome to male puberty! Oh, I forgot to mention – your vocal cords are not under your control any more since they are under reconstruction right now. So your voice might be a bit unsteady until you manage to claim them back. It might take a while.

Me: Sorry, what were were you saying? I’m so hungry!