Common mistakes

  • Avoid the stereotypes. Unsure about how to act around transgenderd folks? Don’t go for the “Inclusion by acting on gender stereotype”-strategy. Mostly you will only make a fool of yourself. Gender stereotypes are not very 2015 and I strongly believe you can do better with just regular good old inclusion.
  • Be careful with references to my old name or my past before transitioning. Make sure you use right words, even in past tense. I am the son of my parents, my siblings brother, my partners boyfriend and my dog’s daddy.
  • Don’t “out me” as transgender. I’d strongly recommend you don’t out anyone else either, you have no idea about the consequences it may have for them.

PicsArt_1384560439519[1]Compliments you really should avoid and why…

“You pass really well” It is not a compliment, it is your unwanted judgement over another person. Being trans isn’t about how you look or how well you preform in presenting yourself as male or female, it’s about how you feel.

“I would never have guessed that you was born as a girl” I was assigned female at birth, that is not exactly the same thing as actually being female. Now if we just avoid the essentialistic track and a long explanation about what separates gender from sex, what you actually are saying is that I have become something different since I was an infant. Haven’t we all?

“You are so brave” I’d rather you helped make others see it as the most natural thing in the world for anyone to express themselves in a way they are comfortable with.

“I realised that don’t remember your old name any more”

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