Entering the system

Yesterday evening I got an unexpected text message stating that I was welcome for a first meeting at the clinic responsible for the investigation process preceding a formal medical diagnosis as suffering from transsexualism. I’ll be there tomorrow morning, at 10. That is great news but with less than 48 hours notice. I was like “YES!! Already?! Or, I mean… I’ve been waiting forever!”

The meeting tomorrow is the first step in a lengthy process of investigation where a team of medical specialists decide if I match the formal diagnosis requirements. If they think I do, that will eventually give me access to the state-sponsored medical transition care and ultimately allow me to change my registered gender. I expect the process all in all to take 2-3 years, but it could take longer depending on things like my health during the process, the resources of the hospital where I live, how well I get along with my team and what sort of medical care I’d like.

For tomorrow, my goal is to give a short but coherent presentation of myself and my thoughts on why I want to transition, why I need to change my registered gender. I’ll also try to make sure that they’ll use the right name and pronoun and preferably acknowledge how far I’ve already gotten in my transitioning. I’ve done so much already and I really want that to be recognised. I guess this is only a first screening meeting but hopefully they’ll see that I’m ready to move on in the process into the first phase of medical transitioning, called “Real Life Experience”, stretching usually over a full year.

Real Life Experience is a test of sorts, it is all about proving that you are comfortable in expressing your gender identity. For me, it would mean just that I’ll keep living the way I do, as a guy. I haven’t got any “coming out”-stuff to do and I’ve already been out for about 9 months. Mostly it is not until the end of the Real Life Experience-period that you get a diagnosis and some surgery may be “unlocked” as a possibility.

But during the Real Life Experience-period it is common for female-to-male transsexuals like myself to start on testosterone treatment, and that is what I’m really after now. Hormone therapy would boost huge bodily changes and it would make my life so much easier. Most importantly it would make my voice go darker and make my period stop. Testosterone would also make my muscles grow larger and I’ll probably loose most of the few “female”curves I’ve got today. Other effects are less welcome, but I think I’m ready to deal with them.

Yet, all that is in a far future. First things first. Tomorrow will be the first step in my medical transitioning, entering the system. I am so ready for this. Wish me luck!

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